Robotic Help for Hysterectomy Patients

The da Vinci robotic assisted hysterectomy benefits doctors and patients, allowing for safer surgeries and shorter hospital stays. Learn How.


Great health care starts near home.

We bring high-quality care close to area residents, near their loved ones. As a community health care team, we care for patients like family. Learn More


Inpatient Care

Built for patient privacy, comfort, and to accommodate friends and family, our hospital rooms create a calm, healing environment. Learn More



Even if your doctor isn't in Brookings, you can still have your imaging procedure performed in our new, technologically advanced radiology department. Learn More


Same-Day Surgery

Our state-of-the-art operating and procedure rooms allow us to perform your procedure in a safe, sterile environment. Learn More



We've created a homey, relaxing environment for parents to have their baby. As a Baby-Friendly® hospital, we support moms with breastfeeding, too. Learn More

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Solar Eclipse Requires Safe Viewing

8/10/2017 - On Aug. 21, the greater part of North America will experience a solar eclipse, when the moon blocks the sun from Earth’s view. While Brookings will not be in the total eclipse path, our community will still have a pretty good show, experiencing a partial eclipse with .91 magnitude. This means,... More

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