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Inpatient Care

Built for patient privacy, comfort, and to accommodate friends and family, our hospital rooms create a calm, healing environment. Learn More



Even if your doctor isn't in Brookings, you can still have your imaging procedure performed in our new, technologically advanced radiology department. Learn More


Same-Day Surgery

Our state-of-the-art operating and procedure rooms allow us to perform your procedure in a safe, sterile environment. Learn More



We've created a homey, relaxing environment for parents to have their baby. As a Baby-Friendly® hospital, we support moms with breastfeeding, too. Learn More

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Solar Eclipse Requires Safe Viewing

8/10/2017 - On Aug. 21, the greater part of North America will experience a solar eclipse, when the moon blocks the sun from Earth’s view. While Brookings will not be in the total eclipse path, our community will still have a pretty good show, experiencing a partial eclipse with .91 magnitude. This means,... More

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