New Beginnings Birth Center

At New Beginnings Birth Center, we welcome the arrival of 300 babies each year. We're proud to be a Baby-Friendly Designated hospital which means we've implemented policies and procedures to encourage and help mothers successfully breastfeed their babies.

Our experienced nursing staff and highly-skilled OBGYNs, combined with our comfortable labor and delivery area provide you with high-quality, comfortable care right here in Brookings.

Prenatal Care 

Your physician can easily and accurately monitor your care, and your unborn child’s care right here in Brookings. 

Search for a physician from our online physician finder to find a local physician who can provide expert prenatal care and accurately monitor your care, and your unborn child’s care.

OB-Suite.jpgLabor and Delivery

Our eight-bed maternity unit includes five labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum (LDRP) suites which are fully-equipped to accommodate the entire LDRP process in a comfortable atmosphere. The LDRP suites are outfitted with:

  • Private bathrooms with whirlpool bath and shower
  • Glider chairs
  • Birth balls
  • TV
  • Bose® Bluetooth Speaker
  • Bassinet complete with baby supplies
  • Free massage for mom; upgraded massage for mom and massage for dad/partner available for an additional fee each
  • Fold-out couches for the comfort of the father/partner/support person
  • Selection of snacks available for the father/partner/support person
  • Cordless fetal monitoring system to allow expecting moms freedom of movement during labor and delivery

See the improvements to our New Beginnings Birth Center from our recent expansion.

Morgan Catlett-Ausborn talks about her pregnancy and delivery at the New Beginnings Birth Center.

Roshani Kandel talks about her pregnancy and delivery at the New Beginnings Birth Center, far away from family in her home country of Nepal.

Brookings’ Lauren Cloud talks about her pregnancy and delivery at the New Beginnings Birth Center.

Watch Brookings’ Ricki Boyle talk about her pregnancy and procedures at the New Beginnings Birth Center.

Tour of the New Beginnings Birth Center 

This free tour can be scheduled for any day of the week. Preregistration is required. To register, please call (605) 696-9000, ext. 8052.

Provisions for Fathers

We know that dads and life partners are an important part of the labor and delivery process, too. That’s why we offer meal vouchers for our cafeteria to significant others and children of delivering moms. In addition, the father’s room has a selection of snacks available. 


Your room has everything you’ll need to care for your baby. We encourage you to have your baby room-in with you to promote bonding. However, if you choose to take a reprieve from your baby, our nursery is staffed with highly-skilled nurses so that you can rest before going home.

Online Baby Nursery  

We are pleased to offer the online baby nursery to help families celebrate their newest addition and to share the joy of their newborn’s birth with family and friends. Visit our online nursery to welcome the new additions to our community.

Postpartum Care 

After your baby is born, you may have many questions on everything from feeding to bathing. Our qualified staff will help teach you how to care for yourself and your new child. We also provide educational videos in each room for you and your family to view during your stay. Our nursing staff and certified lactation consultant can help you with breastfeeding issues and questions.

Room Service

You can request made to order meals from our extensive room service menu. All meals are made when ordered and delivered directly to your room. For more information about room service, click here.

Education Classes

Brookings Health System offers classes several times a year to help prepare parents and families for the arrival of their infant and to provide assistance with breastfeeding. Click here to find more information about the classes we offer.

Contact the New Beginnings Birth Center
For more information, please call (605) 696-9000, ext. 8052.