da Vinci® Robot Assisted Surgery

Brookings Health System now offers the most sophisticated operation technology close to home, da Vinci robotic assisted surgery and da Vinci Single-Site surgery. Experienced, highly trained surgeons and staff provide personalized, patient-centered care. The minimally invasive surgical approach provides several patient benefits, including less pain, a shorter hospital stay, and a quick return to normal daily activities.

Watch SDSU professor Gary Hatfield of Brookings talk about the da Vinci hernia repair he had with us.


Claud Hacker of Brookings had da Vinci surgery to remove his gallbladder. Learn about his care during surgery and fast recovery in the video below. 


Watch Dr. Jeffrey Johnson, M.D. of Brookings talk about what a hernia is, how it is repaired and why robotic surgery is the method he prefers to use for repairs.


Learn more about da Vinci surgery below.



Key Benefits of da Vinci surgery include:

  • Patient Benefits: less pain, shorter hospital stay, reduced infection risk, less blood loss, and smaller incisions with minimal scarring, helping patients quickly return to work and daily activities.
  • Enhanced Surgeon Capabilities: robot provides greater precision, superior vision, and enhanced dexterity while remaining 100% under physician control.
  • Highly-Trained, Expert Staff: experienced surgeons and dedicated daVinci surgical team undergo comprehensive training to perform procedures and care for patients.
  • Why Choose Brookings Health: offers the latest technology while providing personalized care tailored to the patient.

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Certified da Vinci Surgeons at Brookings Health System

Dr. Theresa Oey-Devine

Dr. Theresa Oey
General Surgery


Dr. Richard Gudvangen


Dr. Jeffrey Johnson
General Surgery


Dr. Ellen Hopper

Brookings Community Reaction to da Vinci Robot


Ask your surgeon if da Vinci robotic assisted surgery at Brookings Health System is right for you. All surgeries have a risk factor.