Hospitalist Program

hospitalist.jpgOur hospitalist program provides focused care for patients staying at Brookings Hospital. 

What is a hospitalist?

A hospitalist is a doctor who is trained in hospital medicine and specializes in caring for patients in the hospital setting. A hospitalist works closely with other members of the hospital care team to provide comprehensive care during your stay. 

At Brookings Hospital, hospitalists oversee the care of adult patients, 15 years and older, who are admitted to the Inpatient Care unit. 

How do hospitalists benefit patient care? 

The goal of the hospitalist program is to increase patient satisfaction and care quality. Because a hospitalist works only in the hospital, he or she is readily available to oversee the medical care of patients. A hospitalist will make necessary changes to patient treatment plans regardless of the time of day. 

A hospitalist can also quickly respond to changes in a patient’s condition because he or she is right there, working side-by-side with nursing and other professionals, on the Inpatient Care unit.

What can I expect from a hospitalist? 

Each morning the hospitalist will meet with the multi-disciplinary team of nurses, pharmacists, therapists and others involved in your care to review your treatment plan. 

The hospitalist will visit you at the bedside each day. Because a hospitalist works only in the hospital, he or she will be readily available for face-to-face conversations with you or your family. 

How does a hospitalist work with my primary care physician?

A hospitalist does not replace your primary care provider. Instead, a hospitalist partners with your primary care physician, keeping your primary provider updated on your condition and care. 

A hospitalist will inform your primary care physician of your admission and provide a detailed discharge summary to help your primary care physician with your treatment plan after you leave the hospital.