Hospice Volunteer Training

Thank-you for deciding to become a hospice volunteer at Brookings Health System. Your role will help to maximize the comfort and quality of life for patients facing terminal illnesses.

All hospice volunteers must be trained before they work with patients. The following video series is intended to certify you as a hospice volunteer for Brookings Health System.

Video 1: What’s It All About (18 min, 41 sec)

Video 2: What Can I Do (50 min, 19 sec)

Video 3: The Greatest Gift (40 min, 28 sec)

Video 4: Physical Care of the Dying Patient (1 hour, 11 min, 37 sec)

Video 5: Things of the Spirit (35 min, 41 sec)

Video 6: A Time for Grief (56 min, 10 sec)

Video 7: Caring for You (42 min, 30 sec)