Meet the Newborns

Name Birthday Parent(s)
Claire12/18/2014Sarah and Daniel
Grady12/13/2014Matt & Kristi
Callen12/12/2014Scott & Amanda
Conner12/12/2014Josh & Kim
William12/10/2014Stacy and Tyler
Josephine12/8/2014Jennifer and John
Owen12/9/2014Calli & Clinton
Kadence12/7/2014Nick & Jessica
Liam John12/6/2014Sherri and Blaine
Piper12/6/2014Danae and Evan
Murray12/6/2014Gwen and Casey
Madi Joy12/6/2014Amanda and Drew
Hadley Paige12/4/2014Katie and Jordan
Trevyn11/28/2014Nicole and Rodd
Melrose11/29/2014Scott and Alissa
Kevin11/26/2014Sarah & Barry
Jacob11/25/2014Misty and Bryon
Sadie11/24/2014Jamie and Tom
Chantel11/24/2014Traci & Justin
Tianna11/23/2014Karen & James
Faruq11/23/2014Amina and Farhan
Mucade11/21/2014Nimo and Mohamed
Laurel11/20/2014Nicole and Michael
Lincoln11/17/2014Denise and Bryan
Jaden11/15/2014Jennifer & Blake
Kylee11/15/2014Vicky and Jerrold
Riyan11/14/2014Sadiya and Abdirashid
Nolan11/13/2014Joanna and Robert
Rhett11/4/2014Michelle and Chris
Vishnu11/5/2014Manju and Santhoshkumar
Henry11/3/2014Bobbi & Cody
Jettie11/3/2014Chelsea & Justin
Travy11/3/2014Sandra & Travis
Daxton11/3/2014Nicole and Greg
Cody11/1/2014Jodi and Willy
Nora10/30/2014Laura and Nickolas
Jackson10/29/2014Melissa and Eric
Maya10/25/2014Caitlin and Kaleb
Nora10/24/2014Aubrey and David
Amyleigh10/24/2014Brittany and Clayton
Joslyn10/22/2014Sierra and John
Hadley10/14/2014Nadine and Geoffrey
Paxton10/8/2014Amanda and Jason
Kade10/10/2014Sara and Frank
Avry10/10/2014Sara and Frank
Lennyx Liliana10/8/2014Shaelean and Noe
Brylee10/8/2014Dru and Brad
Cort10/6/2014Pam and Tom
Russell10/6/2014Whitney and Tim
Triggen10/6/2014Kristen and Matthew
Tate9/30/2014Kate and Greg
Siyad10/2/2014Fathi & Hassan
Tayven10/1/2014Kyla and Ryan
Kennedy9/30/2014Kati and Jesse
Hayden9/30/2014Katie andTylor
Conrad9/28/2014Rebecca and Adam
Bella9/27/2014Kendal & Jesse
Autumn9/24/2014Amy and Darin
Holden9/24/2014Nichole and David
Mack9/21/2014Teresa and Ashley
Ava9/21/2014Cortney and Mitchell
Haylee9/21/2014Amber and Mike
Kaiysa9/21/2014Christy and Cody
Tucker9/17/2014Samantha and Andy
Peyton9/16/2014Kelly and Jesse
Ryan9/17/2014Lindsay and Darin
Wyatt9/15/2014Abby and Joseph
Maddox9/16/2014Joni and Nathan
Ella9/16/2014Trisha and Jeff
Wyatt9/12/2014Heather and Matt
Hudson9/10/2014Mikhael and Wayne
Kyrsten9/8/2014Carla and Byron
Kaylee9/9/2014M'hesi and Eric
BentLee Jax9/8/2014Tiffany and Ernie
Chloe9/8/2014Amanda and Dylan
Alaina9/6/2014Donna and Wayne
Jaxton9/5/2014Samantha & Joshua
Lynk9/4/2014Rayllene and Justin
Avalyn9/4/2014Brittney and Dave
Ethen8/31/2014Sara and Doug
Marcus8/30/2014Dorie and Graham
Kaden8/30/2014Jill and Brian
Jasper8/28/2014Amber and Slade
Ty Daniel8/26/2014Chelsea and Jesse
Mya8/27/2014Ashley and Jon
James8/25/2014Jama and Steve
Abigail8/25/2014Sarah and Randy
Titan8/22/2014Melissa and Aaron
Jacey8/21/2014Laurie and Aaron
Yanto8/18/2014Laura and Jordan
Amelia8/18/2014Kate and Jake
Mackenzie8/17/2014Anja and Vincent
Talon8/14/2014Christina and Todd
Colter8/14/2014Kimberly and Shean
Elliott8/15/2014Angel and Curt
Veda8/14/2014Sheena and Jason
William8/11/2014Julie and Wei
Alayna8/11/2014Hope and Daniel
Whitaker8/11/2014Kendra and Chris
Lucy8/11/2014Rachel and Edward
Greyson8/11/2014Liz and Casey
Scarlet8/9/2014Savannah and David
Abigail8/9/2014Jessica and Joe
Jordyn8/9/2014Holly and Justin
Lawrence8/7/2014Cassaundra and Joshua
Sidney8/6/2014Carrie and Dana
Isabella Louise8/5/2014Jennifer and Jordan
Taisley8/6/2014Gabrielle and Trinity
Hunter8/5/2014Darcy and Jamie
Kensington Grace8/5/2014Brandy and Steve
Hayzel8/2/2014Haylee and Cody
Gracelyn8/3/2014Jillian and Clint
Hadlee8/2/2014Andrea and Austin
Darren7/30/2014Samantha and Cory
Rori (Victoria) Anne7/30/2014Jessica and Brent
Maddax7/28/2014Brittany and Daniel
Sarantis7/23/2014Katie and Trifon
Denley7/23/2014Trista and Dennis
Carter7/21/2014Christina and Yaqoob
Aaron7/20/2014Claire and Chuck
Boe7/17/2014Brandi and Andrew
Dexter7/16/2014Emberlinn and Mychal
Jack7/15/2014Jennifer and Dustin
Ryker7/12/2014Ashley and Matt
Emilia7/11/2014Stephanie and Steven
Sara7/10/2014Amber and Don
Jace7/12/2014Kaitlyn and Lance
Sarrinah7/8/2014Rawnaq and Sidrat
Anna Luella7/5/2014Julia and Ryan
Jackson7/4/2014Justine and Ryan
Harris7/3/2014Angie and Jason
Sujay6/30/2014Sajag and Laxman
Eleanor6/30/2014Shelley and James
Leif6/30/2014Rebecca and Joe
Carli Jo6/28/2014Christine and John
Holden6/25/2014Shari & Joshua
Gwen6/24/2014Katie and Collin
Abigaille6/17/2014Bethani and Matthew
Wisdom6/17/2014Angelinah and Simon
Kinley6/14/2014Arian and Brady
Roman6/14/2014Andrea and Tyson
Caleb6/13/2014Valerie and Coleman
Aubrey6/12/2014Jennifer and Ned
Nova6/10/2014Emily and Morgan
Isabel6/11/2014Jennifer and Matt
Stella6/10/2014Brittany and Tucker
Kooper Clarence6/9/2014Danielle and Justin
Sophia6/7/2014Jenna and Jake
William6/5/2014Kristi and Scott
Tori6/1/2014Dani and Ryan
Elijah6/1/2014Kathleen and Joseph
Hayden5/31/2014Ashley and Lance
Natalynn5/30/2014Natasha and Ethan
Presley5/29/2014Brenna and Jacob
Leo5/29/2014Amanda and Jake
Lyraina5/25/2014Ashleigh and Brian
Drake5/23/2014Jennifer and Ryan
Matthew5/23/2014Mary and Tyrell
Jarrett5/20/2014Tiffany and Dan
Daphne5/21/2014Kelsey and Cody
Brody5/17/2014Kalina and Dan
Raquel5/16/2014Victoria and Dan
John5/16/2014Kathy and Jason
Jamie5/15/2014Denise and Matt
Lydia5/12/2014Becki and Jeremy
Jace5/14/2014Kaley and Jeff
Coleson5/14/2014Stefanie and Kerbie
Kyson5/13/2014Megan and Austin
Davis5/13/2014Katie and Kent
Edward5/9/2014Julie and Johnathan
Jude5/8/2014Sara and Andy
Piper5/5/2014Shannon and Tim
Leiana5/4/2014Christina and Marcel
Grace5/2/2014Kim and Tevis
Elise4/27/2014Erin and Jesse
Deetya4/26/2014Swati and Satya Sai
Oliver4/24/2014Liesbeth and Sungha
Andre Leon4/23/2014Kerstyn and Chad
D'Miahlyn4/24/2014Viriah and Doug
Adyan4/23/2014Maher and Tanvir
Camille4/23/2014Karla and Matt
Colt4/20/2014Lindsay and Travis
Kinley4/18/2014Amber and A.J.
Madyson4/18/2014Val and Rocky
Aarya4/15/2014Mandira and Khem
Henrietta4/15/2014Amy and Joshua
Reese4/12/2014Missy and Matt
Julian4/13/2014Whitney and Moises
Charleigh4/12/2014Katie and Kelly
Benjamin4/8/2014Charis & Aaron
Taylie Kae4/8/2014Dana & Darren
Rogan4/7/2014Angela and Daniel
Landon4/6/2014Bailey and Dustin
Kyler4/6/2014Amanda and Ryan
Otto3/30/2014Megan and Matt
Felicity3/27/2014LeeAnn and Trey
Brooklynn Rae3/25/2014Jamie and Derrick
Desmond3/26/2014Julia and Vince
Adara3/21/2014Kelly and Rylin
Lilliana3/21/2014Heidi and Jim
Cameron3/16/2014Cassie and Taylor
Wyatt3/13/2014Audra and Keith
Rylee3/12/2014Amanda and Anthony
Emmet3/9/2014Jessica and Jansen
Maximus3/9/2014Krista and Charles
Cash3/8/2014Holly and Danny
Kaden3/7/2014Steph and Jerrad
Quinn3/3/2014Gabriele and Andy
Dawson2/28/2014Barbara and Jackson
Mackalynn2/27/2014Kassidy and Nickolus
Lily Jane2/25/2014Andrea and Karl
Ty2/25/2014Ellie and Doug
Kaylee2/25/2014Geneva and Rodney
Kayleigh2/20/2014Joanie and Chris
Adalynn2/18/2014Jacey and Travis
Luke2/17/2014Amanda and Chad
Gabriel2/16/2014Wendy and Brandon
Odin2/14/2014Teresa and Nathan
Zane2/11/2014April and Brett
Dillinger2/10/2014Julie and Conrad
Kylen2/8/2014Cammy and Chris
Madison2/6/2014Erin and Phil
Madisen2/6/2014Janel and Paul
Brylie2/5/2014Jackie and Jason
Fiona1/31/2014Heather and Michael
Adalena1/27/2014Caela and Michael
Piper1/27/2014Jennifer and David
Kira1/24/2014Katie and Ernie
Hayden1/24/2014Karlee and Storm
Srinika1/21/2014Rajani and Ranjith
Jase1/21/2014Rose and Chris
Bridget1/21/2014Bridget and Joe
Madilyn1/20/2014Sarah and Tallon
Carly1/20/2014Marcey and Ryan
Kourtney1/16/2014Tiffany and Kenneth
Benjamin1/17/2014Brittany and Heath
Ryder Joe1/13/2014Brittany and Cory
Liam1/11/2014Alison and Tanner
Ataya1/10/2014Jocy and Trae
Annabelle1/9/2014Brooke and Dallas
Willow1/6/2014Sarah and Tyler
Courtney1/2/2014Dustine and Mike
Alivea1/2/2014Alea and Austin
Charlie1/2/2014Amy and Jeff
Olivia12/30/2013Jessica and Jason
Kashus12/26/2013Chelsey and Karlos
Maverick12/26/2013Scout and Sean
Wyatt12/23/2013Rachel and Jason
Korbin12/20/2013Julie and Terry
Chance12/18/2013Brigette and Grant
Brynlee12/16/2013Angela and Michael
Karsten12/15/2013Amanda and McLane
Kamryn12/11/2013Koree and Daniel
Chloe12/9/2013Soo Hyun and Jucheol
Moses12/9/2013Abbie and Bill
Jocelyn12/7/2013Heidi and Jordan
Mia12/7/2013Sartu and Faysal
Kaylee12/5/2013Cheryl and Steven
Adrian12/5/2013Jessica and Andrew
Emma12/3/2013Yi and Qingming
Makiah12/2/2013Kalynn and Dan
Ian12/3/2013Ariel and Cody
Max12/2/2013Anna and Chris
Ike11/30/2013Nancy and Luke
Coby11/27/2013Kristine and Brett
Kendal11/26/2013Danielle and Jeremiah
Luke11/26/2013Katie and Mark
Harper11/25/2013Erika and Richard
Ryleigh11/25/2013Guadalupe and Armando
Brynn11/23/2013Jaimee and Erick
Onay11/22/2013Chantal and Moise-Aime
Lucas11/21/2013Priscilla and Joshua
Theo11/19/2013Melanie and Dustin
Kinley11/17/2013Misty and Chris
Adela11/18/2013Jessica and Victor
Allison11/15/2013Christi and Mike
Bristol11/14/2013Katie and Matt
Brooklyn11/13/2013Julie and Kirk
Parker11/11/2013Samantha and Tait
Avery11/9/2013Emilie and Tyler
Asher11/7/2013Angela and Jason
Kirstynn11/5/2013Kelly and Jesse
Finley Dean11/1/2013Beth Ann and Dylan
Anayeli10/31/2013Anna and Eleazar
Tanner10/28/2013Amber and Rusty
Hadley10/26/2013Anna and Brad
Abdullah10/26/2013Hend and Turki
Isaac10/25/2013Marisa and Kevin
Annabelle10/23/2013Chris and Nicholas
Hudson10/21/2013Kelsey and Cesar
Aubree10/21/2013Rachel and Ben
Madison Rae10/21/2013Ashley and Clint
Tessa Lynae10/19/2013Gladys and Thaddeus
Kennedy10/18/2013Brittany and Josh
Cayden10/15/2013Britney and Scott
Lucius10/15/2013Dorothy and Dustin
Ryder10/15/2013Kayla and Darrell
Jonah10/14/2013Erin and Austin
Madden Michael10/13/2013Megan and Josh
Graham10/12/2013Jen and Nate
Ian Louis10/9/2013Yolanda and Aaron
Laken10/7/2013Kailey and Travis
Isaac10/7/2013Carrie and Justin
Lincoln10/6/2013Cassie and Drew
Axel10/3/2013Addie and Jeff
Charlie10/4/2013Tracy and Joshua
Tripp10/2/2013Eva and Paul
Almaha9/30/2013Anwar and Ahmad
Brooklynn9/25/2013Elizabeth and Matt
Nora Louise9/24/2013Erin and Nick
Aubree9/24/2013Jamie and Tucker
Kaylee9/22/2013Angela and Jacob
Hallie9/23/2013Erin and Mark
Gwenevere9/22/2013Enifome and Samuel
Thaddeus9/19/2013Melissa and Justin
Clete9/20/2013Lisa and Travous
Brooklyn9/20/2013April and Stephane
Alexandra9/13/2013Dixie and Russell
Trey9/13/2013Teresa and Jason
Lyric9/10/2013Jacqui and David
Harrison9/9/2013Katie and Andy
Andrew9/8/2013Suzanne and Rick
Tanner9/7/2013Alicia and Ryan
Emelia9/6/2013Melissa and Justin
Conrad9/6/2013Ruthann and Nick
Aurelio9/5/2013Jessica and Aurelio
Brian9/5/2013Ashley and Damon
William8/30/2013Sara and Adam
Lanie8/28/2013Heidi and Mike
Mardi8/26/2013Amanda and Dave
Lola8/26/2013Chelsea and Nate
Maddox8/25/2013Brittany and Clayton
Kole8/23/2013Samantha and Josh
Alistair8/23/2013Erin and Tim
Kamdyn8/23/2013Brandy and Jason
David8/22/2013Nastassa and David
Kaleb8/19/2013Lisa and Erik
Rylin8/17/2013Maria and Craig
Jayden8/15/2013Christina and Nick
Liam8/12/2013Emily and Jason
Tyber8/11/2013Starla and Mike
Camden8/8/2013Jessica and Matt
Gavin8/9/2013Krishna and Jace
Kinsley8/5/2013Katie and Jordan
Daysi8/6/2013Maria and Jose
Tristan8/6/2013Jullie and LeRoy
Zander8/4/2013Cara and Nick
Josephina8/2/2013Megan and Lane
Jacobi7/30/2013Anita and Jason
Tina7/31/2013Indrani and Anil
Joshua Dean7/30/2013Melissa and James
Bristol7/29/2013April and Terry
Naomi7/26/2013Stephanie and Everett
Rainy7/26/2013Kayla and Johnney
Avaan7/22/2013Seema and Ananya
Janie7/23/2013Cindie and Kyle
Madeline7/22/2013Kalli and Christopher
Harrison7/20/2013Lacey and Justin
Santiago7/21/2013Amethyst and Juan
Brynnlee7/20/2013Brittney and Dave
Steven7/20/2013Ashley and Jason
Kain7/19/2013Sara and Jeff
Ryder7/19/2013Rickkie and Andrew
Laura7/18/2013Stacey and Tom
Keria7/18/2013Vanessa and Joel
Jackson7/15/2013Jessica and Justin
Sophia7/15/2013Kennedy and Tyler
Remington7/16/2013Kerrie and Justin
Sara7/17/2013Val and Andy
Luann7/16/2013Melody and Tyler
Nikola7/15/2013Caitlyn and Cody
Gracyn7/12/2013Jessica and Steve
Jackson7/7/2013Jennifer and Jay
Jada7/7/2013Kaylee and Sean
Mark Christopher7/5/2013Karol and Christopher
Elliott Aavin Louie6/27/2013Tiana and Daniel
Aiden6/27/2013TaNeil and Rodney
Eli6/21/2013Heather and Scott
Elizabeth6/21/2013Ashley and Derek
Brielle6/21/2013Joani and Tyler
Jaymeson6/20/2013Charla and Chebon
Abel6/20/2013Serenity and Adam
Camille6/18/2013Melissa and Cody
Manavik Naga6/14/2013Kranthi and Vinod
Jax Brian6/12/2013Megan and Brad
Zadie Elizabeth6/13/2013Jama and Steve
Benjamin6/13/2013Stacie and Nik
Caroline6/12/2013Nicole and Josh
Daniela6/12/2013Nuria and Fernando
Payton6/7/2013Aurora and Mike
Pyper6/7/2013Jessica and Chris
Mason6/5/2013Katie and Preston
Dave6/3/2013Bishnu and Bikash
Christian6/3/2013Michelle and Jamie
Kathryn5/31/2013Sarah and Bryan
Oliver5/30/2013Christina and Marty
Elizabeth5/31/2013Mercedes and Rorey
Chase5/30/2013Erin and Scott
Michael5/27/2013Desiree and Lanie
Natalie5/24/2013Nicole and Aaron
Teagan5/23/2013Chantel and Josh
Jocelyn5/22/2013Jessica and James
Trevor5/20/2013Laura and Chad
Khattab5/20/2013Raniah and Turki
MASON5/19/2013Sarah and Jesse
Logan5/18/2013Kelly and Greg
Bryar5/17/2013Paige and Jeramey
Jace5/17/2013Billi Jo and Ryan
Peyton5/16/2013Emily and Josh
Mckenzie Kay5/14/2013Amber and Justin
Layla Ruth5/13/2013
Lydia5/13/2013Laura and Andrew
Easton5/12/2013Jaclyn and Greg
Avery5/11/2013Barb and Shon
Mason5/9/2013Bailey and Dustin
Micah Ryan5/3/2013Samantha and Ryan
Jack5/2/2013Kate and Mike
Jaxton4/29/2013Libby and Jason
Hadley4/29/2013Ann and Evan
Ahana4/30/2013Prekchya and Vedbar
Tayley4/29/2013Molly and Brian
Justin4/28/2013Catherine and Jared
Graci4/25/2013Kayla and Gabe
Hayes4/19/2013Devan and Thad
Bryley Rose4/18/2013Sara and Doug
Royce Dallas4/14/2013Donielle and Rodney
John4/12/2013Melissa and Stephen
Kanin4/12/2013Marj and Jack
Violet Rae4/5/2013Amy and Darin
Walker4/4/2013Hilary and Wade
Mason4/1/2013Dana and Ben
Jonah3/31/2013Caryn and Kevin
Samantha3/29/2013Stephanie and Alex
Lily3/25/2013Melissa and Ryan
Marcus3/26/2013Andrea and Joel
Charlee3/26/2013Karen and Jordan
David DeJesus3/25/2013Adriana and David
Vernon3/24/2013Kristin and Darren
Carson3/24/2013Megan and Ryan
Emmett3/21/2013Trisha and Jeff
Mandi3/19/2013Mary and Curtis
Meah3/18/2013Misty and Lowell
Jasper3/18/2013Ana and Julio
Knox3/16/2013Terri and Jared
Tittus3/14/2013Traci and James
Harrison3/11/2013Ashley and Aaron
Subhashini3/11/2013Swati and Satya Sai
Elizabeth3/6/2013Claire and Chuck
Christodea3/4/2013Gloria and Ebenezer
Emry3/3/2013Jessica and Eli
George Allen2/28/2013Brandi and George
Tayley2/26/2013Brittany and Cody
Kaylin2/24/2013Brooke and Joie
Klara and Jack2/22/2013Brandi and Clint
Jack2/22/2013Brandi and Clint
Klara2/22/2013Brandi and Clint
Cora2/22/2013Amanda and Jaymie
Holly2/19/2013Amber and Donald
Trystan2/15/2013Danielle and Curt
Caleb2/15/2013Elizabeth and Jon
Sydney2/15/2013Brittany and Neil
Cody2/11/2013Marisa and Mike
Wanbdi2/11/2013Savannah and Wanbdi
Hunter2/10/2013Chelsea and Steven
Sandy2/8/2013Faten and Ahmed
Cory Zang12/26/2012Mo and Zhao
Khloe2/2/2013Amber and Mike
Dylan1/30/2013Corinne and Dan
Henry1/28/2013Xin and Lin
Carter1/27/2013Olivia and Vincent
Abigail1/26/2013Aimee and Josh
Genesis1/24/2013Elvia and Elias
Jaynie1/24/2013Jennifer and Andy
Addisyn1/22/2013Carol and Mackenzie
1/22/2013Carol and Mackenzie
Birklee1/21/2013Kristi and Josh
Lily1/21/2013Crissa and Justin
Tiffany1/19/2013Miao and Yuchu
Logan1/18/2013Kandi and Lonny
Sawyer1/17/2013Chandra and Matt
Yolanda1/14/2013Gpe Yolanda and Cecilio
Gentry1/14/2013Sara and Kyle
Riann1/9/2013Rhona and Christian
Agustin1/12/2013Rebecca and Mike
Tristan1/9/2013Alissa and Mike
Rob1/7/2013Yieyang and Doug
Noelle12/30/2012Donna and Wayne
Phoenix12/29/2012Ashley and Branden
Jaelyn12/27/2012Amy and Kelly
Kinley12/27/2012Emily and Taylor
Abdeea12/27/2012Jannatul and Gulam
Saleh12/25/2012Shefa and Abdulrhman
Merrick Grayson12/26/2012Jenny and Travis
Alanna12/23/2012Kalina and Daniel
Reese12/20/2012Aimee and Clay
Sophie12/19/2012Min and Wei
Ileliya12/17/2012Grace and Kenneth
Linus12/17/2012Eileen and Steve
Cody12/14/2012Carol and Conrad
Faith12/15/2012Deana and Tyler
Declan12/14/2012Katie and Brady
Natalie12/13/2012Jennifer and Rollie
Connor12/12/2012Jenny and Tracy
Heidi Rose12/12/2012Penelope and Steven
Abigail12/10/2012Kara and Josh
Marcella12/10/2012Andrea and Jason
Eli12/9/2012Sarah and Jeff
Charlee12/6/2012Shelly and Terry
SaLeisha12/1/2012Sierra and Reginald
Kylie11/28/2012Kelli and Riley
Max11/27/2012Kati and Jason
Hayes11/21/2012Mandy and Dennis
Jameson11/21/2012Kelsi and Greg
Morgan11/20/2012Nicole and Dan
Jace11/16/2012Elisa and Kiley
Aubrey11/19/2012Katie and Jeff
Ethan11/18/2012Chelsea and Jonathan
Layla Ann11/17/2012Jessica and Joe
Tzuriel11/14/2012Delilah and Titus
Daniel11/12/2012Amanda and Nicholas
Liliana11/9/2012Jessie and Seth
Kinley11/7/2012Missie and Cory
Emerson11/7/2012Kasey and Riley
Beckham11/8/2012Shalene and Dusten
Porter11/25/2012Aubrey and David
Danica11/6/2012Janice and Tyler
Eliana11/3/2012Mikhael and Wayne
Griffin11/2/2012Casey and Ryan
Jackson11/2/2012Michelle and Preston
Beau10/30/2012Mia and Mitch
Noah10/25/2012Lynae and Nathan
Hannah Beth10/25/2012Brooke and Avi
Arianna10/17/2012Tiffany and Zach
Avery10/15/2012Julia and Christian
Lee10/14/2012Caroline and Phillip
Lincoln10/11/2012Nicole and Mike
Ryan10/12/2012Wiekie and Sako
Anna10/8/2012Jenni and Kory
Laney10/3/2012Laurie and Aaron
Wyatt10/1/2012Kristina and Jessie
Faisal9/29/2012Arwa and Waleed
Ella9/27/2012Jenny and Derrick
Maddix9/24/2012Jessica and Joshua
Jozlynn9/23/2012Stacy and Chris
Landon9/18/2012Melanie and Kyle
Jaxen9/17/2012Angie and Adam
Emily9/17/2012Kristin and Jason
Rayan9/11/2012Uzma and Khan
Paul9/10/2012Sarah and Daniel
Anastasia9/11/2012Dorothy and Dustin
Logan9/10/2012Brandie and Jason
Wyatt9/10/2012Ashley and Levi
Katja9/6/2012Marleen and Thomas
Luella9/5/2012Amanda and Carl
Michael9/4/2012Laura and Seth
Alaina8/27/2012Teresa and Zac
Ethan9/1/2012Lisa and Tony
Olive8/31/2012Denia and Paul
Anna Lynae8/26/2012Jessica and Andy
Rori8/26/2012Kerrie and Justin
Sara8/24/2012Akram & Sadegh
Connor8/23/2012Cynthia and James
Zachary8/23/2012Danielle and Michael
Vincent8/21/2012Cassondra and Taylor
Eli8/21/2012Jennifer and Jonathan
Cole8/20/2012Alyssa and Chase
Theodore8/20/2012Tonya and Jesse
RoiDezz Juztice8/16/2012Francine
Eva8/15/2012Lisa and Ryan
Parker8/14/2012Katy and Josh
Robert8/14/2012Merry and Rob
Hadley8/13/2012Bridget and Paul
Brooklynn8/13/2012Lacey and Jamie
Liam8/11/2012Kayla and Jacob
David8/7/2012Susan and Trever
Brody8/6/2012Kelsey and Austin
Louis John8/4/2012Beth and Brett
Dominick8/3/2012Stacy & Ryan
Lia8/1/2012Jessica and Victor
Deegan and Austin7/31/2012Chelsea and Burten
Austin7/31/2012Chelsea and Burten
Deegan7/31/2012Chelsea and Burten
Payten Marie7/31/2012Melissa and Jeremey
William7/30/2012Stephanie and Chet
Tommy7/30/2012Annie and Dane
Abrielle Bette7/27/2012Brianne and Tyler
Allison7/26/2012Amber and Rusty
Stella7/23/2012Tracey and Joshua
Eleanor7/23/2012Jennifer and Brett
Channing7/23/2012Lisa and Travous
Jaxon7/23/2012Yashira and Josh
Catalina7/21/2012Telia and Dennis
Lia Grace7/15/2012Emily and Jim
Trypp7/15/2012Lacey & Chase
Bon Scott7/14/2012Connie and Scott
Camron7/12/2012Angela and Ron
Summer7/8/2012Brooke & John
Taitem7/6/2012Gabrielle and Trinity
Victor7/4/2012Xinyi and Jiaoping
Waylon7/2/2012Robin and Cody
Hannah6/29/2012Andrea and Austin
Emmett6/28/2012Nichole and Brian
Brody6/27/2012Kristi and Mathew
Paige6/25/2012Holly and Wil
Addison6/26/2012Melissa and Jon
Wyatt6/25/2012Mandy and Bill
Isaac6/20/2012Anna and Jamison
Branch6/19/2012Melissa and Matt
Asher6/18/2012Morgan and Tyler
Tate6/13/2012Tessa and Mark
Marvin6/12/2012Rashmi and Mitra
Abigail6/10/2012Katie and Lorin
Zoey6/7/2012Sarah and Andrew
Elysia Eve6/7/2012Abigail and Tom
Willa Mae6/6/2012Sara and Francis
James5/31/2012Tina and Brian
Joshua6/1/2012Jenny and Matt
Jamison6/1/2012Ericka and Ben
Viola5/29/2012Brianna and Colin
Lisa5/30/2012Tam and Greg
London5/27/2012Deena and Paul
Isabella5/26/2012Samantha and Alex
Alex5/26/2012Sara and Davey
Gavin5/24/2012Jessica and Layne
Monty5/24/2012Teresa and Nathan
Dustin5/23/2012Julie and Keith
Willow Marion5/23/2012Dawn and Tod
Kenneth5/18/2012Tiffany & Kenneth
Joselyn5/17/2012Stephanie and Brandon
Jocelyn5/14/2012Christine and Aaron
Jaela5/13/2012Olivia and Marcus
Izik5/11/2012Calli and Clint
Dayton5/11/2012Shannon and Ryan
Darryn5/10/2012Devan and Chris
Kendrick5/8/2012Vicky and Jerrald
Macyn5/7/2012Brittany and Ryan
Abhinar5/4/2012Nikita and Sailendra
Quintin5/3/2012Stephanie and Chad
Jesse5/3/2012Paula and Francisco
MaKenna5/2/2012Ronda and Kyle
Max4/29/2012Amanda and Jacob
Cordelia4/27/2012Andrew and Jessica
Isaac4/27/2012Whitney and T.J.
Tallen4/24/2012Brandi and Zach
Grace4/20/2012Megan and Michael
Taliya4/19/2012Amber and Jon-Michael
Willow4/19/2012Lori and Raymond
Ellie4/18/2012Sarah and Jason
Celia4/17/2012Kathy and Scott
Gracie4/17/2012Chelsea and Jesse
Darwin4/11/2012Amy and Loren
Rayan4/10/2012Barsha and Krishna
Lily4/10/2012Jon and Heather
Ashlynn4/5/2012Alexis and Evan
Adam4/8/2012Brittany and Heath
Seth4/7/2012Robin and Kyle
Jennabella4/7/2012Jennifer and Jay
Ashlyn4/5/2012Alexis and Evan
Ella4/1/2012Shogoofa and Mike
Macy Jean3/29/2012Jennifer and David
Trenton3/26/2012Cassandra and Dave
Maria3/24/2012Jessica and Brett
Andrew3/22/2012Shayna and Peter
Charlie3/21/2012Erendira and Raymundo
Addeline3/20/2012Cassy and Dylan
Adia3/17/2012Michelle and Tristan
Payden3/4/2012Tabitha and Scott
Ava3/2/2012Darcy and Anthony
Conner3/2/2012Amber and Brandon
Eli2/25/2012Jessica and Matt
Khiley2/14/2012Krystal and Barry
Addison Elizabeth2/13/2012Ann and Conner
Bryson2/12/2012Mary and Matt
Greysen2/9/2012Shantel and Jeffery
Yohann2/7/2012Mireya and Luis
Addison2/7/2012Ashley and Joe
Oliver2/3/2012Angel and Curtis
Logan1/29/2012Heidi and Matthew
Veda2/3/2012Brooke and Jarad
Lyndon1/30/2012Val and Andy
Alexander1/29/2012Heidi and Matthew
Jordan8/31/2011Nastassa and David
Josclynn8/31/2011Devan and Thad
Serenity8/30/2011Julia and Loren
James8/30/2011Kathy and Jason
Noah8/29/2011Katie and Danny
Poppy8/29/2011Jennalyn and Matthew
Gunner8/29/2011Becky and Alex
Avery8/18/2011Ashley and Allen
Logan8/17/2011Julia and Robert
Advik8/17/2011Uma and Karunanithy
Krisha8/16/2011Mamta and Mukesh
Clinton8/16/2011Brigette and Grant
Peyton8/15/2011Rebecca and Dave
Rebecca8/15/2011Trish and Steve
Hayden Grace8/15/2011Sarah and Randy
Sophia8/9/2011Buffy and Bruce
Lillian JoAnne8/7/2011Christianne and Dustin
Timber Carlo8/3/2011Alissa and Scott
Elise Marie7/30/2011Kaylie and Brian
Jayden7/29/2011Kayla and Gabe
Malcom7/26/2011Sarah and Casey
Dale7/22/2011Jolene and Jon
Amya7/18/2011Amy and Ryan
Amia7/18/2011Amy and Ryan
Lillanna7/18/2011Monica and Grady
Addilyn7/16/2011Amanda and Derek
Christopher Alex7/15/2011Kathleen and Joseph
Parker7/15/2011Marcy and Rocco
Tessa7/14/2011Justeina and Kyle
Elizabeth Anne7/13/2011Melisa
Olivia7/11/2011Angela and Brian
Meredith7/11/2011Gertrude and Emmanuel
Douglas7/9/2011Viriah and Douglas
Lane7/9/2011Charity and Mike
Riley9/2/2011Brenda and Michael
Frank9/3/2011Amber and Brian
James Addison9/6/2011Tarra and Richard
Makenzi Ann9/8/2011Megan and Kyle
Peggy9/12/2011Yan and Peiyi
Keaton9/13/2011Kristine and Brett
Morgen9/14/2011Megan and Austin
Whitney9/14/2011Dawn and Michal
Tiberius9/15/2011Dorothy and Dustin
Nash9/16/2011Devon and Wes
Trinity9/19/2011Julie and Terry
Elin9/20/2011Jenna and Scott
Kjerstin Ann9/20/2011Katie and Jason
James9/20/2011Jessica and Christopher
Kate1/14/2012Chaundra and Geoffrey
Brooklyn1/16/2012Jennifer and Sean
Roland1/18/2012Jennifer and Eric
Charles Lincoln1/20/2012Dana and Ben
Chloe1/20/2012Melanie and Dustin
Ryker1/24/2012Jillian and Lucas
Hugo1/26/2012Maria and Hugo
Miciah1/28/2012Lydia and Daniel
Amy7/7/2011Vickie and James
Lanie7/6/2011Desiree and Lanie
Connor Ryan7/6/2011Angela and Ryan
Cash7/4/2011Marjoanne and Jack
Sydney7/4/2011Amanda and Westin
Zoe7/3/2011Amanda and Ryan
Tristan Michael7/1/2011Stephanie and William
Cy Michael6/29/2011Brandi and Andrew
Destiny6/28/2011Kami and Roger
Deacon6/26/2011Jordon and Marcus
Jasper6/23/2011Jillian and Jeremy
Emery6/22/2011Dru and Brad
Harlee6/17/2011Amanda and Courtney
Tafney Lea6/16/2011Melanie and Cory
Aurora Storm6/14/2011Heather and Kody
Hadley6/13/2011Pam and Tom
Braddock6/13/2011Jaime and Tucker
Blake Russell6/10/2011Ashley and Stephen
Jason Alan6/10/2011Stephanie and Greg
Claire6/9/2011Erin and Jesse
Callista6/6/2011Kyleigh and John
Ramsey1/11/2012Melissa and Jeremy
Theoine1/9/2012Nita and Buyung
Adalynn1/7/2012Angela and Byron
Eden1/6/2012Bethany and Lucas
Dante1/5/2012Erica and Matt
Jada1/2/2012Becka and Danny
Dirk1/2/2012Alisha and Chris
Ruby12/29/2011Rebecca and Josh
Kacie Jo12/28/2011Karie and Kevin
Maxxon12/25/2011Danielle and Lucas
Noel12/23/2011Sara and Jake
Preston12/22/2011Heather and Patrick
Guy12/21/2011Courtney and Matt
Michael12/20/2011Denise and Matt
Callie Jo12/20/2011Katy and Tom
Ariana12/19/2011Kirstin and Adam
Isaiah12/17/2011Anita and Jason
Adrian12/16/2011Alyssa and Timothy
Evelyn Grace12/12/2011Ellen and Jesse
Waylon12/9/2011Ashley and Colby
Cain12/8/2011Jaime and Jeremy
Jackie12/5/2011Jolene and Chad
Brooklyn12/5/2011Jennifer and Joshua
Kamdin12/4/2011Amanda and Kevin
Louie12/1/2011Yi and Haifeng
Xander William11/28/2011Laura and Jeppe
Ryker11/21/2011Meghan and Jeremy
Johnathan11/18/2011Amy and Joshua
Rowan11/16/2011Sasha and Ryan
Jacob11/13/2011Jessica and Jay
Hongrui Lucas11/12/2011Xiaozhou and Zhiguang
Jaxyn11/12/2011Brittany and Spencer
Quinn11/11/2011Megan and Josh
Aidan11/1/2011Tongling and Wei
Ashton11/2/2011Jodi and Shawn
Alexis11/1/2011Christine and Kurt
Gracie11/1/2011Holly and Danny
Henry11/1/2011Kate and Mike
Rachel10/31/2011Julia and Vince
Clare10/30/2011Christi and MIke
Audrey10/29/2011Jessica and Neil
Hamza10/28/2011Hawa and Ibsa
Eli Jon10/24/2011Ashley and Jon
David10/23/2011Ashton and David
Tucker10/22/2011Alex and Travis
Temperance10/21/2011Melinda and Spencer
Ajay10/21/2011Jody and Randy
Aria10/21/2011Laura and Nickolas
Emma10/20/2011Mandy and Tom
Yuvika10/18/2011Jyotsna and Yuba
Romeo11/24/2011Joann and Jose
Derek9/26/2011Lisa and Bill
Remy9/27/2011Christine and Marshall
Zaviah9/28/2011Chris and Kendra
Aurora10/3/2011Kindra and Shea
Hudson10/4/2011Amy and Erik
Ansley10/5/2011Stacie and Nik
Emily10/10/2011Tara and Ben
Zoey10/12/2011Sheena and Jason
Piper Jo10/12/2011Terri and Jared
Samantha Jo10/14/2011Rebecca and Adam
Natalie10/17/2011Kelsey and Aaron
Isaiah10/17/2011Sonja and Jeremy
Kynley9/8/2011Sara and Andrew