Therapy Center & Gardens

leg-press.jpgThe Neighborhoods at Brookview’s therapy center was developed with all aspects of daily life in consideration. The center features exercise areas and a variety of exercise equipment, including computerized strength and power equipment designed specifically for seniors.  

It also includes a full kitchen and bathroom with home-style fixtures to help residents with occupational therapy needs re-learn how to function in the home environment. The area also includes two separate treatment rooms for seniors to work privately with a physical, occupational or speech therapist.

Just outside the therapy center is a therapy garden. This area allows outpatients and residents who need help relearning to walk to re-gain mobility skills on variable walking surfaces they will encounter in real life, such as ramps, stairs, grass, gravel and other uneven terrain. The garden also allows elderly individuals to develop functional life and leisure skills, such as going to the mailbox or gardening.