Activity Update

Winter 2016

e-news_107_0781.pngChristmas Greetings from the Residents and Staff at The Neighborhoods!

The holiday season has sure come upon us fast here at The Neighborhoods, and with a blink of the eye, they too will be memories of fun times had by all.
November and December have sure been busy months with outings, entertainment, time spent with the Boys & Girls Club kids, and most of all, frequent numerous visitors and friends to spread some holiday cheer.

On November 4, 15 residents attended the rodeo at the Swiftel Center. This has become a yearly tradition and all that attend have a great time. It is nice working with a venue such as the Swiftel Center in reserving us handicap seats, giving up prime drop-off and pick-up locations, and opening the “side door” to let us in! The Brookings Health System Foundation has been generous every year in purchasing tickets for residents and staff to attend the rodeo free of charge, knowing that most residents do not have the extra cash to spend on tickets for events like this! Thanks to Barb Anderson from the Foundation in making this event possible for the residents at The Neighborhoods.

On November 12, 12 residents dined on the famous lutefisk dinner in the Town Center’s large group room. Staff brought in the lutefisk and all the fixings from the Lake Campbell Lutheran Church! This event is a huge hit with “some”…those that like lutefisk that is!

e-news_107_0793.pngDecember came upon us fast and we were more than ready the first week for the ever-so-famous Resident Christmas Store. For those of you that are not familiar with this store, it gives each and every resident the opportunity to come down to the large group room in the Town Center to “shop” for free for Christmas gifts for loved ones for the holiday season. The gifts they are able to choose from have been donated by family, staff, local business and AAA Collections from Sioux Falls. We set up shop and let the residents browse the tables to find the perfect gift. Once shopping is completed, the residents have the opportunity to have their gifts wrapped for free from various volunteers and workers from AAA. This store is the highlight of the week, if not month, for most of the residents. Their faces light-up knowing they will be able to give gifts for Christmas to those that mean the most to them!

As I sit here and write this article I can’t help but think how fast 2017 will be upon us, and how the planning for next year’s events and activities will begin! And in closure, I hope all of you have a happy and safe holiday season!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!