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Learn what’s happening at The Neighborhoods at Brookview skilled nursing home. From resident activities to care information to updates from administration, Neighborhood News covers the latest information.

Recent News

Greetings from Maple Ridge and Ash Boulevard

Summer 2017 - When the residents on Maple Ridge and Ash Boulevard think of the 4th of July holiday, they think of many different memories and foods. On Maple Ridge, Mary Wolpert shared her 4th of July holiday memories of spending time at her cabin on Lake Poinsett with her husband, children, and parents. Mary rec... More

Not Every Gift is Cash

Summer 2017 - You may choose cash or non-cash donations to leave an enduring gift and create a legacy. For example, you might give a gift of stock, donate 401(k) or IRA assets, name our foundation in your will or list our foundation as the beneficiary of life insurance. Give a gift of stock. Your broker can tran... More

Watch the Neighborhoods at Brookview on YouTube

Summer 2017 - Are you or someone you know interested in becoming a member of the community at The Neighborhoods at Brookview? Perhaps as a volunteer or resident? If so, then take a moment to view our videos. Visit us at and get a glimpse of our facility and the care we p... More

In Memoriam

Summer 2017 - We extend our condolences to the families and friends of the following individuals who have passed away at The Neighborhoods at Brookview over the past three months: Roberta Bailey Allen Turner Ella DeBates James Jones Russell Reeter Judeen Hanson Gloria McCarthy It was an honor to ... More

From the Administrator's Desk

Spring 2017 - I don’t know about you, but I am ready for some nice weather. I know that the residents and staff are very eager to start planning outside activities and do some grilling in their courtyards to celebrate the nice weather. The winter months sure seemed to drag on this winter! I have some great... More