Key Benefits

The Neighborhoods at Brookview initiated a culture change, creating a home-like, neighborhood environment focused on residents. It adopts the universal worker concept, diversifying staff’s capabilities and consistently assigning them with a small group of residents. With more space and respect for residents’ rights, Brookings Health System’s goal is healthier residents and individually tailored care.

Key benefits of The Neighborhoods at Brookview include:

  • Resident-Centered Culture Change: Allows for better resident-centered care by giving residents and their families a voice in their care and choices within the facility.
  • Consistent Assignments: Allows a friendlier, supportive relationship between care providers and residents. Residents become comfortable with regular care providers, producing healthier residents, happier employees, and a high level of resident satisfaction.
  • Positive, Home Environment: Provides an atmosphere where residents are assured a high level of dignity and self-worth.
  • Autonomy: Respects residents’ independence and right to make choices.
  • More Space: Provides residents with ample living space to fulfill their daily living activities while respecting their privacy.
  • Medical Care: Continues the benefit of immediate hospital admission, if required, and access to therapy, respiratory care, dialysis and other diagnostic services.
  • Increased Family Satisfaction: Reassures that loved ones receive the best care.