Hospital Expansion & Renovation

The planned hospital expansion and renovation project will enable Brookings Health System to meet the health care needs of our growing community. Construction project goals include:

  • Increase patient privacy, comfort and total experience
  • Increase capacity and grow with the community's health care needs
  • Give patients easy, direct access for outpatient care
  • Attract new medical specialists for local care
  • Add amenities and accommodations for families and visitors
  • Allow staff more time for patient care
  • Create an exterior reflective of high-quality care

Watch community members share their thoughts on the expansion and its effect on the Brookings community.

East Hospital Expansion

East Hospital Expansion

The project will add 62,500 square feet to the east side of Brookings Hospital. The addition’s first floor will house surgery and medical imaging, two of the most common same-day procedures. Plans include a shared reception and registration area for surgery and imaging patients, a drop-off/pick-up area and nearby parking.

The addition’s second floor will house the obstetric and medical/surgical units. Rooms on this floor will focus on patient amenities and allow ample space for families and visitors to gather.

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New Medical Office Building & Renovated Front Entrance

Medical Office Building  

A new 30,000 square-foot medical office building connected to the hospital will be built on the northwest side. The space will be leased to current and future medical specialists, such as surgeons and OB-GYNS, who benefit from direct access to the hospital.

Renovated Front Lobby

Front Entrance

The main, front entry will be renovated to complement the medical office building and establish additional prominence and presence off of Twenty-Second Avenue for the health system. For safety purposes, a new entrance and exit will be constructed to the health system from the Third Street stoplight.

Existing Hospital Renovation

Once the medical office building and east side expansion is completed, existing hospital space will be renovated to accommodate services displaced due to the new construction or house ancillary staff currently located off campus.

How You Can Help

CLICK HERE to learn how you can support the hospital expansion and renovation project by giving to Brookings Health System Foundation.