Yorkshire Eye Clinic Purchases New OCT Imaging Device

Posted: 6/26/2014

New Technology Helps Detect and Manage Ocular Diseases

Optometrist Dr. Trisha Morehouse uses the new OCT machine, a non-contact, high resolution imaging device used to detect and manage various ocular diseases.Patients of Yorkshire Eye Clinic may notice a new piece of technology in use the next time they make a visit to the clinic. Yorkshire Eye Clinic recently purchased a new optical coherence tomography (OCT) machine, a non-contact, high resolution imaging device used to detect and manage various ocular diseases.

OCT is a technique using light reflection in the tissue of the eye to produce cross-sectional, high resolution images of the eye.

Doctors and staff at Yorkshire Eye Clinic are trained to use the imaging device and the clinic has initiated use of the machine. The device helps in the treatment of patients with previously diagnosed eye diseases and those patients who are suspected of suffering from an ocular disease. The OCT machine functions as an imaging device that takes cross section images through the eye and utilizes an instrument to assist in examining the front and interior of the eye under magnification. The device allows viewing inside the eye, as well as cross-sectional and three dimensional imaging. The machine takes measurements of frontal and interior optical structures, including the cornea, retina, retinal nerve fiber layer, the macula and optic nerve head.

The OCT machine aids in detection and management of ocular diseases such as macular holes, age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma and cystoid macular edema where cyst-like areas of fluid appear and cause retinal swelling.

To learn more about the new OCT imaging machine or to schedule an appointment, contact Yorkshire Eye Clinic at (605) 692-7315.

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