The Neighborhoods at Brookview Sees Improvements with New Care Model

Posted: 2/10/2014

Latest Family/Resident Survey Shows Increase in Recommendation to Others and Overall Satisfaction

Increased socialization and stronger relationships between residents and staff are some of the improvements being seen at The Neighborhoods at Brookview. Here residents gather with volunteers and staff to play bingo, a popular activity at The Neighborhoods. Pictured from left to right are Hannah Jensen, Volunteer Marian Borstad, Marian Heidemann, Household Coordinator Barb Landsman, Maxine Nichols and Dorothy Connolly. The Neighborhoods at Brookview’s latest family/resident survey indicates the new skilled nursing home has seen an improvement in overall satisfaction since incorporating the new household model of long-term care.

The household model of care aims to create a homelike, social setting for residents. This social model of care, which is revolutionizing the long-term care industry, was chosen for the new facility based on several evidence-based benefits for residents. These include improved physical and mental health outcomes, improved resident and staff relationships, and improved overall resident and family satisfaction scores.

“We have noticed significant changes in some of the residents who were in the previous facility with us,” said Administrator Jason Hanssen. “Residents are coming out of their rooms more often to socialize and join in activities. We’re also seeing stronger resident and staff friendships forming, and families are visiting their loved ones more frequently.”

In the latest family/resident survey conducted by independent research firm My Innerview, 96% of those interviewed indicated they would recommend The Neighborhoods to others, a 5% increase from the previous survey at Brookview Manor. In addition, overall satisfaction jumped 4% to 96%.

Since transitioning to the new facility and care model, The Neighborhoods has also seen a 40.7% improvement in mood severity scores, an assessment mandated by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services that measures resident depression levels.

“These quality indicators validate that Brookings Health System made the right choice in building a new facility that supports this new long-term care philosophy,” said CEO Jason Merkley. “The smaller households, home living spaces and private rooms for autonomy are delivering the quality of life our residents deserve.”

Last June, residents and staff moved from Brookings Health System’s old nursing home, Brookview Manor, to The Neighborhoods at Brookview. It is a pod-style facility with three distinct neighborhoods. Each neighborhood consists of two households, and each household accommodates 13 residents with a total of 26 residents per neighborhood. To learn more about The Neighborhoods, please visit

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