The Neighborhoods at Brookview First in South Dakota to Use Computerized HUR Strength and Power Equipment for Resident Rehab

Posted: 1/26/2015

Dorothy Schaller, a resident at The Neighborhoods at Brookview, works on a balance exercise under the direction of Physical Therapy Assistant Amanda Sinkular. The new balance analysis system is one of five new pieces of therapy equipment acquired by the facility. The Neighborhoods is the first nursing home in South Dakota to deploy HUR strength and power equipment.The Neighborhoods at Brookview is the first skilled nursing facility in South Dakota to deploy computerized HUR strength and power equipment to its rehabilitation services for short- and long-term residents.

The facility acquired five new pieces of therapy equipment designed specifically for seniors to help residents improve balance and strengthen muscles while capturing data that shows individual progress. Therapists can use the equipment to tailor individualized training programs for residents. The goal for many residents is to remain independent.

“Short-term residents in the Maple Ridge transitional care unit who are recovering from surgery, such as joint replacement, can use this equipment to retrain their body, helping them return to their home,” said Director of Rehab Shawn Even of Aegis Therapies, the managing therapy company at The Neigborhoods at Brookview. “For long-term residents, the equipment can help prevent falls and maintain independent mobility.”

The new balance analysis system is a computerized posturography machine that enables therapists to screen, assess, test and train for balance disorders. The system includes a balance platform that a resident stands on. The platform detects a person’s stability and risk of falling. Based on testing data, therapists can customize video game-like training modules to help a resident with neuromuscular re-education and balance coordination.

For strengthening, the new dual function hip abduction/adduction machine and leg press helps a resident build lower extremity muscles. The lat pull and dig/shrug machines allows upper extremity strengthening. All strengthening equipment has independent left and right movements, meaning therapists can help resident correct weak, imbalanced muscles. The machines also allow for speed training to develop fast twitch muscle fibers that are essential for balance recovery.

All pieces of new equipment have on board computers that allow therapists to read progress data for each resident. Progress reports can be used to show productivity to residents and family and to justify therapy to insurance companies.

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