New CT Scanner Quickly Produces High Resolution Images, Helping Physicians Care for Patients

Posted: 5/15/2013

Radiology Technologist Julie Nylund positions a patient in the new CT scanner. The new CT system quickly takes high resolution, digital images of patient anatomy at a 40 percent reduced radiation dose to help care providers better diagnose and treat patients.A new, 32-slice Computerized Tomography (CT) system, also known as a CAT scanner, at Brookings Health System produces high-resolution, digital pictures, creating greater detail to help physicians better diagnose and treat patients.

“In addition to showing greater imaging detail, the new system also reduces the dose of radiation a patient is exposed to for image creation by 40 percent,” said Diagnostic Imaging Director Tim Watson. “Increased processing speed and a simplified staff workflow contributes to a quicker patient scan time and allows a faster diagnosis from clinicians.”

The new medical imaging system also has a built-in emergency scan mode, allowing staff to quickly launch and finish emergency exams. In addition, the CT table holds up to 500 pounds to accommodate bariatric patients, and the system is environmentally friendly, requiring 60 percent less power to operate.

“Overall, the new system’s technology advancements are a win-win for patients and health care providers,” said Watson.

The CT scanner was installed earlier this month and replaces an older model. The new scanner has already been used to generate 3D images of patient anatomy. All captured images are stored on Brookings Health System’s picture archiving and communication system (PACS). This system allows Brookings Health System to easily share images with other health care providers, including high-resolution, digital images from the new CT scanner.

Brookings Health System’s imaging department performs over 12,000 diagnostic imaging procedures annually using advanced medical imaging systems, including X-rays, bone densiometry, nuclear medicine, ultrasounds, CT scans, and MRIs. The imaging department also offers Inspiring Health Vascular Screening every Wednesday and Thursday morning.

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