Brookings Healthcare Auxiliary Donates Cardiopulmonary Rehab Equipment

Posted: 8/16/2012

Brookings Healthcare Auxiliary President Sally Damm and Vice President Deb Davis present a check for the new recumbent bike to Brookings Health System’s cardiopulmonary rehab staff. Pictured from left to right are Priscilla Hill, Josiah Fitzsimmons, Jesse Walsh, Judy Duffy, Damm, and Davis. Brookings Healthcare Auxiliary recently donated $1,572.20 to Brookings Health System’s cardiopulmonary rehabilitation program for a new True LC900 recumbent bike.

A recumbent bike places a rider in a laid-back, reclining position, distributing the rider’s weight more comfortably over a larger area. Because the bike better suits different body types, it gives cardiopulmonary rehab staff another option to tailor exercise to patients’ needs and abilities.

The bike has a two-stage drive system with Poly-V belts for a smooth and quiet ride. It optimizes range of motion while minimizing pressure on soft tissues. The reclining seat back adjusts to fit multiple body types and comfort angles.

The Auxiliary raised money to purchase the bike at the annual fall Masquerade fundraiser, which sells fashion accessories at an affordable price. The next Masquerade fundraiser is scheduled for Oct. 9 in Brookings Health System’s conference rooms A and B.

Brookings Healthcare Auxiliary is a community organization established in 1954 to promote and advance the welfare of Brookings Health System’s hospital and nursing home and United Living Community through volunteer service and fundraising

Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation is a medically supervised program designed to help patients return to an active, healthy lifestyle following a cardiac dysfunction, such as a heart attack or heart surgery. Brookings Health System’s program uses a multi-disciplinary approach that focuses on exercise, education and behavior modification to help patients manage cardiac or pulmonary disease. For more information or to find out if you would benefit from cardiopulmonary rehab, visit

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