Brookings Health System Installs New Nuclear Medicine Camera

Posted: 5/30/2017

Technologist Marquette Nelsen positions a patient under the new nuclear medicine camera for a cardiac stress test. Nuclear medicine helps physicians evaluate how well particular body areas or organs are working. The new system has larger bore to reduce anxiety for claustrophobic patients and to comfortably accommodate all body types. Brookings Health System recently installed a new nuclear medicine camera in the radiology department at Brookings Hospital, replacing an older system. The new system has a larger bore to reduce anxiety for claustrophobic patients and to comfortably accommodate all body types.

“We can now also perform nuclear medicine tests on a bed or gurney,” said Diagnostic Imaging Director Tim Watson. “For patients who stay at Brookings Hospital and have limited mobility, we can transfer them in their bed and scan them without needing to lift them to an imaging table.”

Nuclear medicine uses a safe, small amount of radioactive medication to diagnose and treat disease. The medication makes the body slightly radioactive for a short time. The nuclear medicine camera tracks the movement of the radioactive medication by detecting the gamma radiation it emits.

A nuclear medicine study helps physicians evaluate how a particular body area or organ is working. Common studies include a cardiac stress test to show how well blood flows into the heart muscle; gall bladder evaluations; bone scans; kidney scans; thyroid and parathyroid scans; gastric emptying studies; and evaluations of bloodflow and airflow to the lungs.

Nuclear medicine is just one of the medical imaging services offered at Brookings Health System. Local patients can also receive MRI, CT, ultrasound and x-ray procedures close to home, saving them time and travel expenses. Images can be shared with any provider. For more information, please visit

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