Brookings Health System Adds New Physical Therapy Equipment

Posted: 6/20/2012

Wendell Nelson of Lake Preston works on the new Shuttle MVP Pro machine under the watchful eye of Physical Therapist Gavin Weber in Brookings Health System’s new physical therapy gym.Brookings Health System has added three new machines to the recently created physical therapy gym, allowing physical therapists to better tailor patients’ workout and exercise routines to aid healing.

The equipment includes a new Shuttle MVP Pro for lower extremity training. The machine helps accelerate healing for patients who experience leg weakness or are recovering from knee or hip surgery. It enables strength training without the pressure of gravity. It also can help patients who experience difficulty with balance regain stability without a fear of falling.

Brookings Health System also purchased a new traction table, allowing physical therapists to provide pain relief to patients who suffer from back and neck problems, including herniated discs, muscle spasms and back joint dysfunction. The traction table pulls with a gentle force on the patient’s body, removing pressure from the affected body region.

The third piece of equipment is a new NuStep crosstrainer, which provides a total body, low-impact workout for patients while building strength and flexibility. The machine allows physical therapists to work with patients at any ability level or age to help rehabilitate and recover from illness or injury.

This May, Brookings Health System opened a new occupational and physical therapy area by renovating existing space at the hospital. By doubling the overall treatment square footage for therapy, Brookings Health System was able to add new equipment in the physical therapy gym area.

Physical therapy services are one of the comprehensive therapy services offered at Brookings Health System. The physical therapy team assists patients with regaining physical abilities they need for day-to-day functioning, working, or participating in sports and activities.

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