A Loving Delivery Far From Home

Nepalese nurse Roshani Kandel explains how our staff at Brookings Health helped her through pregnancy and delivery. Watch Here.


Hospital Expansion & Renovation

We're expanding and renovating our hospital to increase capacity, meet patient expectations and implement the latest in health care. Learn More & How You Can Help


Emergency Services

Our emergency medicine team cares for patients with acute illnesses or injuries. In critical situations, we stabilize patients and coordinate care with an appropriate facility. Learn More



No matter where patients see their doctor, they can have high-resolution, digital images taken locally by our expert staff who use the newest medical imaging technology. Learn More


Inpatient Care

Our hospital nurses provide compassionate care to patients recovering from an illness or injury. Our multidisciplinary care team focuses on healing the whole person. Learn More


Outpatient Lab Services

Patients needing regular tests to monitor certain health conditions receive convenient, local care at our lab, open 24-7. We share results with the patient’s care provider. Learn More


Same-Day Surgery

Our highly-trained surgical team provides personalized, attentive care. We follow national care standards to create a safe OR environment and use the latest technology. Learn More

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New Beginnings Baby Café Expanded to Thursday Afternoons

2/22/2017 - Brookings Health System recently added a Thursday afternoon meeting time for New Beginnings Baby Café, the free, drop-in breastfeeding support session for nursing and expecting mothers. In addition to meeting on Tuesdays from 5 to 7 p.m., IBCLC Lactation Consultants and Registered Nurses Ale... More

The First Babies at the New Hospital in 1964

2/10/2017 - First babies at new hospitals are exciting for staff, giving them a chance to try out new birthing rooms and equipment to welcome their smallest patients into the world. In 1964 when Brookings Hospital first opened at its current location on Twenty-Second Avenue, a wave of 100 babies were born in l... More

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